Curating collections 150 150 Paul Levitz

Curating collections

On editing reprint collections Another of my many dubious distinctions in comics is probably having the edited reprint collections over the longest stretch of time, 46 years now.  (Okay, I didn’t…

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Denny O’Neil 150 150 Paul Levitz

Denny O’Neil

Denny’s gone, brought social conscience to comics. He was a journalist at heart, and knew his obit would have Batman in the lede, but I think he’d have been prouder…

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Artifacts 150 150 Paul Levitz


When I was a neophyte assistant editor and aspiring writer, there weren’t a wealth of books on writing comics. There were a couple of decades-old pamphlets by the already prodigiously…

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Carmine & Covers 960 300 Paul Levitz

Carmine & Covers

A recent Facebook post looked at a published JLA cover by Neal Adams and an unpublished but surviving earlier version by Gil Kane, noting that the changes from one to…

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Huntress: Origins 600 920 Paul Levitz

Huntress: Origins

The earliest stories of Huntress, one of the Gotham City heroes featured in the upcoming Warner Bros. film Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, are collected…

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A Stan Lee Story 150 150 Paul Levitz

A Stan Lee Story

My favorite meal with Stan was at Hamburger Hamlet in LA, probably in the early 2000s…his public ‘avatar’ wasn’t on that evening, not even to charm the waitstaff, for whatever…

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Empty chairs 150 150 Paul Levitz

Empty chairs

With the recent run of deaths of comic creators from the generation who worked from the ’50s onward, it occurs to me that depth of emotional reactions from those of…

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Moments from the Bronze 150 150 Paul Levitz

Moments from the Bronze

One of the most distinctive rituals at DC in the early 1970s was the walk down the aisle to get a cover designed. The newsstand was still virtually the only…

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Brooklyn Blood 928 1427 Paul Levitz

Brooklyn Blood

In Brooklyn, a serial killer is on the loose–and when strange clues lead down a paranormal path, a detective confronts his inner demons to solve the case. After returning from…

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Brooklyn Blood Spills To Applause 960 300 Paul Levitz

Brooklyn Blood Spills To Applause

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER Comics Veteran Paul Levitz on ‘Brooklyn Blood’ and His Eisner Hall of Fame Nomination by Graeme McMillan “I like to feel that I played a part in…

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