DOCTOR FATE #18 600 922 Paul Levitz

Doctor-Fate-Issue-18-CoverIn this stunning series finale, Fate is captive on the world of the Dreamspinners as their threads of doom reach out to threaten Earth. Can Khalid find the power within himself to survive in a mythology not his own?

Art by Brendan McCarthy

  • I first picked up an All Star Squadron comic in 1987 in South Africa. And the morals, heroism and celebration of the good side of people and taught me valuable lessons at the time. They still inspire me to this day. My favourite hero by far was Dr Fate. What you have done with Dr Fate is so awesome, I didn’t think I could love a character even more but I am back to the childhood joy. The work is absolutely brilliant.

    You might be getting the idea I am a fan. I was working in the VFX industry and I am currently out of work due to the actors and writers strikes. And that has left me with way too much free time. I have written a script that carries on from your books, taking into account where the character has gone since then as well. Would you possibly be willing to take a look and tell me to wait till my day job comes back?

    • Sorry, I don’t read material based on mine or the characters I’ve written. DOn’t want to accidentally ‘borrow’ from them someday.
      Good luck!