So while I can’t answer too many questions — confidentiality issues, general decency, and limits on the number of hours in the day I can spend here — I’ll try to answer questions that seem of general interest as often as I can.

General caution: please don’t ask me to review portfolios, scripts, or help you get work (time just doesn’t permit).

Hey there Mr. Levitz. I was doing some reading on some of the old Jonah Hex comics and I ran into a pretty juicy one about a stagecoach robber that happened in Wyoming where the gang and leader were all killed in the end. At the last page it menitons an editors note saying that this story was based on true events. I was curious to see how you guys got a hold of such a story. 24. April 2024

It would have been the writer who found it, Michael Fleisher I assume?

In the great comicbook armada, writers/artists/creators tend to float whereas editors, like ships’ captains, generally remain within their own flotilla led by their publisher-admiral. Hypothetically, if you hadn’t embodied DC to such a degree, which characters and/or which working Ts&Cs may have tempted you to write for Marvel 30 to 40 years ago? 19. January 2024

I was most fond of AVENGERS and X-MEN of the main Marvel titles…always liked group books with characters with different costumes or powers.  But the occasion didn’t come up until a couple of years ago.

Paul – many thanks for sharing your insights into DC history here and on FB. I have a question relating to DC’s use of subscription sales to readers as an adjunct to newsstand distribution in those years prior to the direct market. It seemed there were periods in the 1970s when DC did not offer mail subscriptions, and then made a big thing of the availability of subs my mail. What changes in the market caused this change of sales strategy? It may seem an esoteric question. Thanks for sharing any insights you might have. 19. January 2024

Subs were never a great source of revenue in my time, though I delighted in mine when I was a kid.  I think during my tenure we always did them, but sometimes promoted, sometimes not, depending on the thoughts of the sales & marketing team.

Hello, Paul, Would you be interested in writing on Will Eisner for a project celebrating the Art Students League’s 150th anniversary? 19. January 2024

Sorry, didn’t see this until today…is it still relevant?

I’m not sure who has the rights to reprint The Spirit now, but I think that with the popularity of omnibuses it would be a no-brainer to repackage the Spirit stories in omnibus format. Maybe expand the offerings to include the DC and Dynamite Spirit series and include some of the things that didn’t 19. January 2024

I have no idea.

Quick question, you had plans for an LSH annual that got held up because of what was going on with a Green Lantern relaunch as well as the 5YL Legion. Do you recall what story that annual was going to tell? 19. January 2024

No memory of this, sorry.

Hi. I thought there was going to be a third volume of “DC Through the ‘80s,” but it never materialized. Was the book canceled? 19. January 2024

Sadly yes.

Michael Uslan just told me that you are one of the few people to have read all DC Comics up to a point! How many have you read? I have a few google docs full of things to read and m finishing the 1930s! 19. January 2024

Nope.  Read lots of them, but didn’t read them all.  Never spent much time on the early war comics, or almost any on the romance titles.  And from about the mid-90s on my reading declined and almost completely stopped when I left the desk at the beginning of ’10.

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