What do you feel is the best part of your work on Legion of Super-Heroes? 17. October 2015

I defer to the audience’s choice of THE GREAT DARKNESS SAGA, but a quieter tale that I think might have been as well or better executed on my part was THE UNIVERSE PROJECT.

Just because it’s not on your website yet: What’s the best way to contact you to request an interview? (blogs, podcasts, websites, etc.) Time permitting of course! 17. October 2015

You can reach me this way. Interviews/publicity about my current DC work has to go through DC’s Publicity team, of course, so contact them first. Historical/philisophical conversations can start here.

What character, from any company, did you wish you could have worked on? 5. August 2014

I got to work on so many of my favorites, and with so many of the artists I grew up reading. Of the opportunities I missed, I loved The Avengers and never got a chance to play with them.

What’s your all-time favorite character? 5. August 2014

I’m still a Superman kid. I came in when Mort Weisinger’s Superman books for DC were successful and George Reeves was running around on television.

What is the meaning of Life? 5. August 2014


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