So while I can’t answer too many questions — confidentiality issues, general decency, and limits on the number of hours in the day I can spend here — I’ll try to answer questions that seem of general interest as often as I can.

General caution: please don’t ask me to review portfolios, scripts, or help you get work (time just doesn’t permit).

What do you feel is the best part of your work on Legion of Super-Heroes? 17. October 2015

I defer to the audience’s choice of THE GREAT DARKNESS SAGA, but a quieter tale that I think might have been as well or better executed on my part was THE UNIVERSE PROJECT.

Just because it’s not on your website yet: What’s the best way to contact you to request an interview? (blogs, podcasts, websites, etc.) Time permitting of course! 17. October 2015

You can reach me this way. Interviews/publicity about my current DC work has to go through DC’s Publicity team, of course, so contact them first. Historical/philisophical conversations can start here.

What character, from any company, did you wish you could have worked on? 5. August 2014

I got to work on so many of my favorites, and with so many of the artists I grew up reading. Of the opportunities I missed, I loved The Avengers and never got a chance to play with them.

What’s your all-time favorite character? 5. August 2014

I’m still a Superman kid. I came in when Mort Weisinger’s Superman books for DC were successful and George Reeves was running around on television.

What is the meaning of Life? 5. August 2014


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