So while I can’t answer too many questions — confidentiality issues, general decency, and limits on the number of hours in the day I can spend here — I’ll try to answer questions that seem of general interest as often as I can.

General caution: please don’t ask me to review portfolios, scripts, or help you get work (time just doesn’t permit).

Will your graphic novels the new 52 ever get cartoon series and cartoon movies? I would like to see animated movies and tv shows off all of them. When make batman/superman vol.7 for new 52? 30. April 2020

I’m not involved in that process for the past decade, so I don’t know any more than anyone reading the websites, sorry.

Estimado Paul Levitz: Hi! I’m an exchange student from Argentina interested in Creative Writing and Comics Studies, currently studying for a semester at Washington College. I have to write my thesis back at home to graduate, and I want to do it about comic books. I’m not academically interested in comic books’ themes nor in their history; I’d rather study their language. Not the type of language that appears in comics, but the kind of unique and original way of meaning and signifying that only the medium of comics has. Could you recommend me any book/article/whatever or put me in contact with someone who specializes in this, in the case you actually know some work about comic books’ language or some specialist (it doesn’t have to be an absolute expert, really) in this particular matter? Thanks in advance! And sorry for bothering you on a Saturday night. I’ll wait for your reply. Muchos saludos Felipe Rodolfo Hendriksen 30. April 2020

Sorry to take so long to reply, but I’ve been away from the website for a while. Best books I’d recommend are Scott McCloud’s UNDERSTANDING COMICS and Karasik & Newgarden’s HOW TO READ NANCY. I teach both of them in my college courses.

Not a question but rather a thank you. I was just viewing the Superman returns page from All-Star 62…it still gives me chills. Giffen and Wood did such a wonderful job but its your narration that elevated it to mythmaking. Such a love for the past from a writer still in his teens…one of your finest moments. 30. April 2020

One of my favorite pages, though most of the credit goes to Gerry Conway who plotted it and Keith Giffen, who broke it down and drew it. I just added words. I used to own the color guide, but I gave to a friend who had acquired Woody’s original art, feeling they should be together.

Hi Can you please make a Hardcover Edition of GO Go Power Rangers? Currently all there is Paperback Editions and for my kids its really difficult to carry so many. I understand the Paperbacks are light but when there is 7 Volumes and My Kids Want All of them, I much just rather One Hardcover. In Addition I have multiple Kids, So its not about just 7 Volumes, its about buying 7 Volumes for each kid and finding a place to put it. Can you please tell me how much longer until we can expect a Hardcover Edition? Jay Sent from my iPhone 30. April 2020

I’ll pass it on to the folks at Boom. I don’t get involved in those decisions, so I don’t really know the answer. Glad. they’re enjoying it, though.

I came across a listing for dc comics the dark age. When I inquired about it, it was being printed in german. Do you know if it and the following volume was ever printed in English? 30. April 2020

There’s been no American edition. If there was a German one, I’ve never seen it.

Were DC and Marvel comics from the golden age initially targeted to kids, teens, or adults? And why? 30. April 2020

Different editors probably had different ‘targets’ in mind…no one did any kind of real market research, or complex guidance in those days, it was all on instinct. And remember that the typical adult literacy/education level in those years was what we’d expect of very young kids these days.

I was wondering when the decision was made that the New 52 Legion run was an alternate world version, and what led to thar decision? 30. April 2020

I wrote the ending of the series to open the possibility that it was an alternate future because I felt that elements Keith had added to the plot of the last arc took it too far away from the future I envisioned. It wasn’t conclusive, though, just a possibility…you can choose for yourself.

Dear Paul, How can I get you out to our Fingerlakes Comic Con June 8-10 in Auburn, NY? 7. April 2018

My schedule for that period is very volatile, as my daughter’s due in early May, and grandchild-to-be takes priority. Can you send me details at [email protected] and perhaps I can make a last minute decision to appear?

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