Recalling A Failure 150 150 Paul Levitz

Recalling A Failure

There are quite a number of projects from early in my writing career that I regard as failures: either assignments that I took on and dropped midway for one reason…

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Pondering 50 Years 150 150 Paul Levitz

Pondering 50 Years

This week marked 50 years since I became a comics professional, getting the modest assignment to write Joe Orlando’s letter columns at DC. Looking back over a long and complex…

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The Avengers: War Across Time 1059 1600 Paul Levitz

The Avengers: War Across Time

Some Shazam backstory 150 150 Paul Levitz

Some Shazam backstory

In the early ‘70s, Superman was still the heart of DC’s publishing program, but his power was growing weaker every year.  His decline was steeper than the general, and that…

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On My Affection For The Avengers 150 150 Paul Levitz

On My Affection For The Avengers

I came to Marvel relatively late: my comics reading began with the Weisinger-edited Superman titles in the early sixties, and moved from there to the broader DC line slowly.  I…

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Questions I haven’t gotten asked… 150 150 Paul Levitz

Questions I haven’t gotten asked…

I’ve probably done dozens of interviews and convention panels over the years, maybe a hundred?  Some questions come up over and over, and at this point trigger almost prerecorded answers.  Some, of…

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On Lucien’s Origin 150 150 Paul Levitz

On Lucien’s Origin

Tex Blaisdell was a long time comics pro, both skilled and well liked, but by the early 1970s, not in top form.  He’d done work on many newspaper comic strips,…

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A Thought About Sandman 150 150 Paul Levitz

A Thought About Sandman

I don’t think anyone likely to be reading this website isn’t going to check out the new SANDMAN series when it drops on Netflix this Friday, and based on what…

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A confession about the Stranger 150 150 Paul Levitz

A confession about the Stranger

For the ancient history buffs, the Phantom Stranger launched as a title of his own in 1952, at a time when it was pretty rare for DC to debut a…

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Learning 150 150 Paul Levitz


One thing that worries me about the increasing trend of virtual offices is the learning process.  In some fields, very specifically comics but I’m sure others as well, much of the…

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