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In the news 150 150 Paul Levitz

Today the announcement was made that Boom Studios! has agreed to a sale to Penguin Random House, a deal I played a small part in as a member of Boom!’s board of directors for the last decade. It’s my hope that this will prove to be a good outcome for most of Boom!’s stakeholders: creative talent, staff, retailers, readers and shareholders. Like any change, it won’t be perfect for everyone, but sometimes there are unintended and unforeseen good outcomes (when I bought WildStorm for DC, we laid off their special projects team as an unhappy part of the transition–but Ted Adams pulled many of them together to form IDW and bring many interesting projects out). My thanks to Ross Richie and Scott Lenet for inviting me onto the Boom! board, and for letting me exercise some of my comics muscles for all these years.