Nice moments at NYCC

[ 0 ] October 16, 2015

I always enjoy seeing old friends at cons, but Saturday evening had a nice twofer: the reception for Michael Uslan’s new T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS project gave me a good smile for my old friend (and an even bigger one for his wife, Nancy, who got to tell me about her new project to bring optometry to Rwanda), and an inner grin for my 9 year old self, recalling when I sent a shiny quarter in the mail for an early issue of the series. An added plus at the event was catching up with Athena Finger, and getting to congratulate her on Bill’s new credit on BATMAN comics and media. The first time I had lunch with Athena some years ago I was able to give her one of Bill’s original scripts which I had salvaged to study, the first artifact of her grandfather’s life she touched. She felt good about that, but I’m sure even better about seeing his name honored. The view from the United Nations dining room across to Newtown Creek and the Pepsi sign was beautiful that night too. Holding it at the U.N. was fitting, yet a little worrisome–given the side effects the Agents often suffered (e.g., death, premature aging and the like) were we being summoned there to celebrate or to be selected as the next team? Hmmm…

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