Huntress: Origins 600 920 Paul Levitz

Huntress: Origins

The earliest stories of Huntress, one of the Gotham City heroes featured in the upcoming Warner Bros. film Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, are collected in a new title. The daughter of a hero and villain–the Earth-2 Batman and Catwoman–young Helena Wayne is unique in comics. Trained by her parents,…

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A Stan Lee Story 150 150 Paul Levitz

A Stan Lee Story

My favorite meal with Stan was at Hamburger Hamlet in LA, probably in the early 2000s…his public ‘avatar’ wasn’t on that evening, not even to charm the waitstaff, for whatever reason. He said that Marvel was looking to have him do more editorial work again, and then said “What does an editor do these days?”…

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Empty chairs 150 150 Paul Levitz

Empty chairs

With the recent run of deaths of comic creators from the generation who worked from the ’50s onward, it occurs to me that depth of emotional reactions from those of us who came into comics may use some explanation. Like so many out there, we had grown up on the work of folks like Steve…

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Moments from the Bronze 150 150 Paul Levitz

Moments from the Bronze

One of the most distinctive rituals at DC in the early 1970s was the walk down the aisle to get a cover designed. The newsstand was still virtually the only form of distribution of comics in America, and conventional wisdom held that the cover was by far the most important aspect of a comics’ sales…

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Brooklyn Blood 928 1427 Paul Levitz

Brooklyn Blood

In Brooklyn, a serial killer is on the loose–and when strange clues lead down a paranormal path, a detective confronts his inner demons to solve the case. After returning from a tour in Afghanistan, detective Billy O’Connor returns home to a Brooklyn he doesn’t recognize. As he tries to return to his normal routines, his…

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Brooklyn Blood Spills To Applause 960 300 Paul Levitz

Brooklyn Blood Spills To Applause

THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER Comics Veteran Paul Levitz on ‘Brooklyn Blood’ and His Eisner Hall of Fame Nomination by Graeme McMillan “I like to feel that I played a part in making comics a better field for creative people,” says the writer, editor and executive. Paul Levitz is having quite the year. The veteran comic book…

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The joys of awards 1200 375 Paul Levitz

The joys of awards

I’ve been very lucky in my life to have received some lovely recognition for my work, none more so than being inducted into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame. The HOF is a collection of some of the great pioneers and master crafts people of comics and cartooning, and it’s an honor to be among…

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An infuence examined 150 150 Paul Levitz

An infuence examined

Deep into a chronological binge re-reading of Ed McBain’s 87th Precinct novels, a project long on my to-do list. I was introduced to the series decades ago by Mark Hanerfeld, my predecessor on The Comic Reader, and read something like the last half of them as they came out and the earlier ones as I…

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Publishers Weekly on ACTION CELEBRATION 150 150 Paul Levitz

Publishers Weekly on ACTION CELEBRATION

A brief interview about the ACTION CELEBRATION hardcover I edited went up on PW. Check it out.

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Curating memory 150 150 Paul Levitz

Curating memory

The ACTION COMICS celebration volume is hitting stores this week, so I thought I’d jot down a few thoughts about it and my journey with ACTION. In a way, I came to comics through ACTION, as #300 was brought to me by my babysitter when I was 6, the first comic I remember owning. I’d…

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