Reading For Inspiration 150 150 Paul Levitz

Reading For Inspiration

Most writers have books they’ve read that are inspiring, not simply in their general quality, but in specific ways for specific projects. One such book for me was John Brunner’s TRAVELER IN BLACK. It’s a collection of Brunner’s stories about an unnamed protagonist, a man “of many names, but a single nature,” who travels a…

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A Conversation With Karen 1200 375 Paul Levitz

A Conversation With Karen

  I was privileged to have my good friend and long time colleague Karen Berger at the Columbia class I co-teach with Jeremy Dauber.  Happy to share with you a transcript of that conversation.   PL: Karen comes into the story (of comics) at the beginning of the 1980s at your age, basically, fresh out of college.…

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The Joys of Mail 2468 2226 Paul Levitz

The Joys of Mail

I always was fond of the mail. Goes back at least to when the subscription copies of ACTION COMICS would arrive (from the $1 sub I talked my mom into letting me order from ACTION #300 when my babysitter brought it for me). I gave up the subscriptions after my dog arrived in my life;…

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DARK HORSE PRESENTS #31 300 462 Paul Levitz


Brooklyn Blood: Chapter 14 With art by Tim Hamilton

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Random Causality? 150 150 Paul Levitz

Random Causality?

I stumbled across a piece by Tom Brevoort about some of the first comics he read as a kid, in which Tom took joy at a JSA reprint in SUPER-TEAM FAMILY, and figured it might have appeared to plug the then-recent relaunch of ALL-STAR COMICS. Not illogical, but an example of a frequent type of…

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DARK HORSE PRESENTS #30 300 462 Paul Levitz


Brooklyn Blood: Chapter 13 With art by Tim Hamilton

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Ball boy on Murderers’ Row 300 300 Paul Levitz

Ball boy on Murderers’ Row

Thinking about how I learned my trade, I realized that one of the ways I was incredibly lucky was the timing of the years of my apprenticeship at DC. The company was very small, and those of us just starting out got lots of opportunities to learn from an awesome group of talented people. Kind…

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In-depth Interview with Newsarama 200 200 Paul Levitz

In-depth Interview with Newsarama

Over the winter break, Newarama‘s Vaneta Rogers published a 4-part interview looking back over the early days of my career:   Part 1  From Fanzines To LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES & Beyond Part 2  Looking Back At LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, DC Implosion, More Part 3  Deep Inside The Comics Business Of 1980s & 1990s Part 4  Milestones as DC COMICS’ President,…

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DARK HORSE PRESENTS #29 300 462 Paul Levitz


Brooklyn Blood: Chapter 12 With art by Tim Hamilton

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Remembering 150 150 Paul Levitz


Around this time of year I get especially nostalgic about one of my old friends and my first professional mentor, Joe Orlando. Next week will be 44 years since he called me into his office as I walking the DC halls, digging up material for The Comic Reader, and offered me the assignment of compiling…

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