Paul Levitz

Doctor Fate #3

Doctor Fate #3 1041 1600 Paul Levitz


With art by Sonny Liew

It’s literally raining cats and dogs as the mystic forces of Anubis and Bastet use a tidal wave to settle an ancient score, and only the new, hopelessly inexperienced Doctor Fate can save a city from drowning.



Doctor Fate #2

Doctor Fate #2 600 922 Paul Levitz


With art by Sonny Liew

The new Dr. Fate is already having trouble controlling the power of Nabu – and time is of the essence because he’s about to be tested by an ancient evil!

Doctor Fate #2 / cover B

Doctor Fate #2 / cover B 1987 3056 Paul Levitz



With art by Sonny Liew


Welcome 960 301 Paul Levitz

Welcome. Crawling slowly into the digital age. Looking for something that can replace the contact and conversation that I had with my fanzines (back in the dinosaur age of comics), or the almost 20 years of writing lettercols. I know this is a very different platform, but I’m hoping it can satisfy some of the old itch and I can enjoy some of the new freedoms.

If you’re here on day one, I assume you know who I am…if not, the propaganda can be found under “Backstory” (write comics long enough and you start thinking you’re a fictional character). If you’re one of the thousands of folks who enabled me to spend my life playing with my childhood toys and obsessions, thanks. If you’re not, welcome anyway—maybe you’ll find something interesting.

If you’re here waiting for the nasty revelations, you’ll be disappointed. I’ve been insanely lucky in my career, and this isn’t settle scores, and I have no taste for mean spirited gossip. You will get anecdotes that take you behind the scenes, but my memory is kinda cluttered with nonsense like Legionnaire home worlds, so it’s often fuzzy, or at least skewed to what I found interesting. And there’s plenty of things I can’t or won’t discuss.

But if you’re curious about nuggets of comics history, or observations about the field, popular culture, or my worldview, hang around. This is a new toy and I’m not certain how often I’ll play here, but I’ll try to keep it interesting.

The design team tells me that we are only in BETA mode, and there are glitches to be debugged, copy to be finalized, books to be added to the ones already posted and the like. But please jump in, join the conversation!



Paul Levitz Returns To His Roots To Write Brooklyn Blood For Dark Horse

Paul Levitz Returns To His Roots To Write Brooklyn Blood For Dark Horse 960 300 Paul Levitz

FROM BLEEDING COOL: Paul Levitz is returning to writing comics now that his tenure at DC Comics has come to a close, and while he’ll continue teaching, which takes a fair amount of his time and attention, this represents a new phase for him creatively. Last week we saw the arrival of Doctor Fate from DC, and readers might have wondered what’s coming up for Levitz. We’re happy to announce today that his next project, appearing in December 2015 will be the detective, occult series Brooklyn Blood. Serialized over as much as a year and a half in as many as 15 installments in the anthology Dark Horse Presents, the story will be illustrated by Tim Hamilton and be set, as the title suggests, in Levitz’s native Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Blood will feature Irish cop and Iraq/Afghanistan war vet Billy O’Connor and a fellow female Arabic-American detective Nadira Hasan. The series will focus on experiences that will challenge their perceptions of the explained and unexplained, all turning on Brooklyn’s history, the mysteries of which initially inspired Levitz to create the story.

We’re happy to have Paul Levitz here today to talk about this phase of his career, the impetus behind Brooklyn Blood, elements of genre, and a generational shift in comics which he finds very promising indeed.





Doctor Fate #1

Doctor Fate #1 645 996 Paul Levitz


With art by Sonny Liew

PREMIERE ISSUE — You thought global warming was bad? Anubis, the Egyptian Lord of Dead, is preparing the flood to wash the world away. Standing in his way? An overwhelmed Brooklyn med student who’s been handed the helmet of Fate, without an instruction manual.

Doctor Fate #1 / cover B

Doctor Fate #1 / cover B 455 700 Paul Levitz


Diversity, Surreality & Mythology in “DOCTOR FATE”

Diversity, Surreality & Mythology in “DOCTOR FATE” 960 300 Paul Levitz

Over his decades at DC ComicsPaul Levitz has gone from writer to publisher and back again. And while he’s been contributing stories to the DC Universe since the launch of the New 52, he feels a change in the incoming “Doctor Fate.”

“I think it’s the best thing I’ve done since I came back to writing,” Levtiz told CBR News about the new series launching this Wednesday, June 17, with artist Sonny Liew. The series reenvisions the frequently white, square-jawed Golden Age hero Kent Nelson as Khalid Nassour — an Egyptian-American medical student torn not only by two cultures but also by the powers of Nabu that are thrust upon him as the gods imperil earth.



World’s Finest Vol. 5: Homeward Bound

World’s Finest Vol. 5: Homeward Bound 474 730 Paul Levitz

WF v5


When Power Girl and Huntress learn that their home world still exists, the heroines decide to return to the ruins of Earth 2, only to discover they’ve arrived just when they were needed most! Collects WORLDS’ FINEST #22-26 and WORLDS’ FINEST: FUTURES END #1.

Convergence: World’s Finest #1

Convergence: World’s Finest #1 650 1000 Paul Levitz


STARRING HEROES FROM CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS! Read the most unusual tale in all of Convergence! The Seven Soldiers of Victory regroup to defend their city against the Qward invasion, while cartoonist Scribbly Jibbet transcribes their adventures.