In-depth Interview with Newsarama

In-depth Interview with Newsarama 200 200 Paul Levitz

Over the winter break, Newarama‘s Vaneta Rogers published a 4-part interview looking back over the early days of my career:


Part 1  From Fanzines To LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES & Beyond

Part 2  Looking Back At LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES, DC Implosion, More

Part 3  Deep Inside The Comics Business Of 1980s & 1990s

Part 4  Milestones as DC COMICS’ President, Publisher, Writer


If you read the lengthy series, you will essentially have experienced a day of my university lectures. Don’t fall asleep, there will be a test: find the place where a one word transcription error credited me with working on a series I never did a complete issue script for.